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Friday, 6 February 2015

Nail your pleasure button with India and Nepal tours

It was summer vacation for my kids. As I am a working woman, I send them to my mother’s place for some days. They just returned 10 days before school and started asking their dad for a trip. My husband said yes to them and started thinking seriously about various tour destinations in India. As I utilized most of my leave, I told them that I cannot take more than 5 days of leave. We all sat together to discuss about places that we can visit in a short period of time.

Nepal tours
My husband preferred to tour Kolkata. There are many places to tour and one can also enjoy good seas food there. I preferred to go to Kerala or India & Nepal tours, places well known for scenic beauty and back waters. My elder one suggested having a Goa trip. He suggested this place as one of his close friend visited Goa and showed them some good photographs. My younger one was very silent during our discussion. When I saw her face, she was indulged in deep thoughts. I asked her about her opinion and she came out with her idea of having luxury India and Nepal tours. She said that she read in a book regarding the city of Kathmandu which can offer plenty to its visitor’s right from religious monuments, amazingly crafter sculptures that portray their ancient culture and art. The presence of scenic natural beauty reenergizes the tired body.

A religious tour to Nagarkot will be a completely different experience. She also added that Kathmandu carries many religious temples like Swayambhunath temple, Boudhanath temple, Pashupatinath temple and many more. The most interesting place to visit during India & Nepal tours is Pokhara where stunning monuments attracts thousands of visitors round the year. This land with rich cultural history together with most inspiring wonders is definitely a must watch place in a traveler’s list. I was really astonished by the way, my daughter explained about Nepal. She was extremely good in narrating the importance of the place with valid points. We three of us agreed with her suggestion and at last had a combined Luxury India & Nepal tour.


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