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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Luxury Vacation India offers Range of Trips covering Romantic Features of Taj Mahal Tours

Versatility in the locations to visit is making India liked by many travelers. It is one of the countries in the world, where one can find beaches, hill stations, historic monuments and religious sites in various places inside the country. Spread throughout the country, there are various places where tourists are sure to find more than one interesting place and hence, they are eager to take up the luxury tours of India with various features being included in these trips.

•    Tourism sites across the length and breadth of the country

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Be it the northern part of India or the southern shores, tourists can revel in the mystic charms of the blue ocean and the cloud laden mountains. They only need to reach the place and thereafter, they are sure to be mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of the locations in no time. While natural sightseeing places abound in the country, there is no dearth of historic monuments, which give a peek into the rich culture and heritage of the country. Going by the strong wave of development and boost in the hospitality industry, many of these India tours are being looked upon as occasions to relax and cherish the moments. This is possible by a slew of travel offers in luxurious hotels and flight bookings.

•    Taj Mahal represents the epitome of beauty as found in India

taj mahal tours

Among the various monuments that have driven the luxury vacation India sojourn, Taj Mahal offers one of the most exotic views. A visit to Taj Mahal will provide in-depth knowledge about the reasons for the popularity of Taj Mahal tours in India. It is not only an epitome of love with all the historical anecdotes associated with it, but the building itself is stupendous in its size and artistry. With the gardens surrounding this white structure, tourists are dazed by the sheer beauty of the marble inlays and handiwork of the master artisans of that era.

Similar to Taj Mahal tours, there are many such tours in India, which take tourists along a path of discovery. There are plenty of such sights to behold, where the aura is overwhelming. Tourists will not be able to forget the unique components in the locations and the romantic ambience further rekindles their lust to visit these locations. Adding to the flavor of the luxury vacation India trips are the massages, spa treatments, adventure sports and variety of outdoor activities that help in making the trips special.


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