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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Feel the Royal Touch When You Choose Luxury Private Tours India

Luxury Private Tours India
If you are ready to splurge on your travel and want to enjoy the best of class services when you come to India, you can choose the packages from Luxury Private Tours India operators. This is a niche field as it deals only with premium tours and there are quite a few authorized tour operators who are doing this. These tours require a huge investment; however, at the end of it, what you will get is loads of memories and happy moments that are absolutely priceless.

These luxury private tours India and luxury holiday packages India are offered by selected operators and they mostly cover the main area of Rajasthan, which is the hub of luxury segment in India. At places like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur in the state, you will be put up at huge havelis or palaces that were occupied by erstwhile Maharajas and you will be treated nothing short of them.

Luxury holiday packages India also cover the sector of Kerala, where you will get a chance to sink in the bewitching beauty of the backwaters from your luxurious boathouses. These boathouses will have all the facilities that you need and resemble 5-star hotel rooms. The calming interiors of the boathouses and the chill, placid waters of the lake make you crave for more.

There is many an India Holiday Tour Package operated by many tour operators in the country for the benefit of local and foreign tourists. These packages cover all the must-see places in the country in neatly-segregated categories, so that you can choose easily based on the category you want and the time duration that you have.

The best advantage that you can get out of an India Holiday Tour Package is that it has the much-needed structure that takes weeks and months for you to prepare. You just have to tweak the schedules as per your time availability here. Of all the tours, Taj Mahal Tours are the ones that sell that like hot cakes.

This is a must-visit place in the country and almost all the tour operators operate Taj Mahal Tours that originate from different cities of India. These tours cover Taj Mahal and all the important monuments in Agra. Some packages extend their services to Delhi as well.


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